Tara Bennett-Goleman, MA, is a psychotherapist and longtime meditator who has studied worldwide with the great masters of the Insight Meditation and Dzogchen traditions. Her postgraduate studies were in Schema Therapy at the Cognitive Therapy Center of New York. Tara’s book Emotional Alchemy was a New York Times best-seller and has been translated into 25 languages. She gives workshops to general audiences and professionals in the United States & Europe. Her new book Mind Whispering —published on April 23rd 2013.


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Tara Bennett-Goleman


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Tour: Mindful Habit Change
01/05/18 – 01/07/18 Stockbridge, Mass Kripalu Institute United States

Time: 5:00pm.

For everyone.

Learn to repattern old habits of thinking, feeling, acting, and interacting. Drawing from their books, Focus, Mind Whispering, Emotional Alchemy, and Emotional Intelligence, Tara Bennett-Goleman and Daniel Goleman integrate the sciences of attention and habit change with Eastern and Western psychologies.

In this groundbreaking program, you explore how to

Apply nurturing mindfulness to emotional habits such as unhealthy aversions and attachments, avoidance of emotional connection, anxious relationship preoccupations, entitled control, or passive surrender
Cultivate an attuned, discerning, and mindful “overseer” to make clearer choices
Ground yourself in a wise heart instead of being driven by reactivity
Build a genuine and secure foundation for all your connections.
Experience a new lens for understanding the patterns that play out in your life and relationships.

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Please note that Chemistry of Connection will be offered again in 2018