Based on her best-selling book Emotional Alchemy, this workshop explores Tara’s unique approach to healing emotions, which grew out of her years of meditation practice and work as a psychotherapist, and Daniel’s explorations in his books Emotional Intelligence and Destructive Emotions. Emotional Alchemy blends ancient and contemporary approaches for transforming dysfunctional emotional habits. In this innovative synthesis of neuroscience and Buddhist psychology — combining a new dimension of cognitive therapy with an investigative awareness and a reparative compassion–the Golemans help us explore the many ways we can transform emotional confusion into an insightful clarity, thereby releasing ourselves from powerful habits of reactivity. Mindfulness is an ancient awareness tool which, when integrated with these approaches, enhances their effectiveness and sustains their continuity, leading to a more genuine connection with ourselves and each other. This training can be continued in daily life or applied in one’s professional work; this workshop is helpful for health care professionals or anyone who wants an in-depth experience of this revolutionary approach.


Mindful habit change is an integration of mindfulness, cognitive neuroscience and cognitive emotional behavioral interventions developed by Tara Bennett-Goleman. To learn more about mindful habit change, see Mind Whispering: A New Map to Freedom from Self-Defeating Emotional Habits.

Workshop Schedule

How the Mind Can Heal the Heart (In-person) @ The Aligned Center
Sep 30 @ 10:00am – 5:00pm

How the Mind Can Heal the Heart
(Tara Bennett-Goleman & Daniel Goleman)

Explore a transformative map of distorted perceptions and symbolic meaning hidden within emotional and cognitive patterns like perfectionism and self-sacrifice. These distortions filter our view rather than letting us see ourselves and others as we genuinely are. 

Reparative interventions can allow the opportunity for insight and connection rather than confusion and reactivity. Repatterning emotional habits and calming our reactivity can clarify our awareness. 

By challenging distorted assumptions and training the mind to expand its scope of awareness, we can refine the mind’s precision to reach beyond the limiting ways we perceive. We can see ourselves as we genuinely are instead of through these distorting filters.  

Applying principles & practices from Emotional Alchemy, cognitive neuroscience and neuroplasticity, emotional intelligence, and an expanded awareness can awaken the part of the mind that sees more clearly and increase empathic understanding as a default mode 

 Based on Tara Bennett-Goleman’s book Emotional Alchemy and Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence, this approach integrates methods from East and West that can help relationships of all kinds, from partnerships, to family and friends, to the workplace, and in leadership.  Coaches, therapists – anyone interested in transforming emotions might be interested in this innovative integration.

The Chemistry of Connection (In-person) @ The Aligned Center
Oct 1 @ 10:00am – 5:00pm

The Chemistry of Connection
(Tara Bennett-Goleman & Daniel Goleman with Aaron Wolf)

Learn how our emotional habits can connect us or keep us at a distance — from ourselves and each other. In this combination of lecture, discussion and experiential exercises we’ll integrate an original synthesis of the neuroscience of connection withmethods for enhancing relations, whether inner or interpersonal. A map of emotional habits and attachment modes illuminates relationships of all kinds, transforming emotional patterns that separate into ones that connect, enhancing a more genuine interconnection with ourselves and each other, or with the world at large. Now more than ever we need to work to resolve our differences by acknowledging the shared attunement that facilitates empathy and understanding, while not insisting the other person agree with us. In this tenth year of our workshop we will explore these connections in several dimensions.  

This is an in-person event.