Washington DC 10/8-9/09 –¬†Mind & Life Conference “Educating World Citizens for the 21st century”¬†w/the Dalai Lama, educators, scientists, contemplatives


Barack Obama speaks to Facing History and Ourselves students

Paul Hawken’s commencement address

We hear peole voice concerns about the planetary crisis–ranging from hysteria to denial. Paul Hawken has a refreshingly clear ability to keep a balanced perspective and sees both the poignant delusional forces and the potential miraculous capacites …of the human condition…¬†

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One Love… beautiful international version

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India jazz – kathak and tap

Two different dance traditions–east & west–communicating through the language of rhythm–an interesting metaphor for global interconnectedness–finding a neutral ground to connect through differences and celebrate diversity

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Desmond Tutu on leadership

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